I have been playing the guitar since I was 13 year old, and have been playing for nearly 30 years. I started with an electric guitar, trying to mimic my heroes, such as Ritchie Blackmore, Jimi Hendrix and Jimmy Page. At the age of 17 I began my studies of classical guitar privately with Steve Murtha in Montclair, NJ. After a year of private lessons, I auditioned for, got accepted to and enrolled at the Philadelphia College of Performing Arts (now the University of the Arts), where I studied classical guitar with Jack Leonard. I have more recently been instructed by Richard Jacobowski, who is an outstanding player and an excellent teacher.

I have been playing professionally since I was 15, and continue to perform in the areas of classical, electric and acoustic guitar.

I enjoy teaching others about the guitar, and have been teaching professionally for more than 20 years. I teach rock, blues and classical styles, as well as music theory, written notation and bass guitar.

I have always serviced my own instruments, and then began to repair and customize guitars for my students.  I have been repairing and customizing guitars and all other stringed instruments for almost 30 years. I perform all facets of guitar service, and pride myself in my attention to detail as well as my ability to relate to my customer's needs from a guitarist's perspective.

When I am not performing, teaching, or repairing guitars, I am usually playing guitar for enjoyment, hanging with my family, participating in some form of physical fitness, reading, or riding my motorcycle.
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